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How many calls will be in DocFam+ and when they will open?

    In DocFam+, there will be 2 calls for application. Call 1 is closed, while Call 2 will open on 2nd May 2024.

Can I submit more than one application for the same Call?

    Only 1 application per person will be accepted in each Call. You can edit your application anytime before the deadline, but once submitted you will not be able to edit it.

Can I apply to Call 2 if I was not successful in the previous one?

    Of course! Make sure you still fulfil the Eligibility Criteria in Call 2.

Can I import a previous application to the new Call?

    No, you will have to register again and complete the new application. 
Where can I find the relevant information to apply to a DocFam+ fellowship?
    All the essential information is available on this website. We strongly encourage interested individuals to read the Guide for Applicants and the other documents included in the Application Pack before starting any application. Potential candidates should pay special attention to the Eligibility Criteria.

Do I have to be a national from the European Union to be eligible to apply?

    No. Candidates from any nationality can apply to DocFam+. Check the Eligibility Criteria to make sure you do qualify for one of the positions offered.

Can I submit my application via email?

    No. The only accepted format is through the online application platform. Any applications received by email or any other means will not be accepted.

I have an accredited English level, but it is below the level specified in the Guide for Applicants. Can I still be eligible?

    No. Eligible candidates must prove an upper-intermediate English level. Check the Eligibility Criteria to learn more.

Can I access and modify my submittted application before the deadline of the Call?

    No. You can access and modify your application anytime while the call is opened, as long as your application is not submitted. For further instructions visit the How to Apply section. 

I am currently embarked on a PhD programme but I have still not defended my thesis. Can I still be considered eligible?

    Yes. However you have to make sure that you fulfill the conditions to be considered a Doctoral Candidate (DCs). If you have already been awarded a doctoral degree at the call deadline you are not eligible for a position.

I have defended my thesis but I have not yet been formally awarded the doctoral degree. Can I still be considered eligible?

    No. You must have not succesfully defended your thesis to be eligible. Check the Eligibility Criteria to learn more.


Can I use any extension and size for the supporting documents?

    No. All the supporting documents in your application must be uploaded as .pdf files. The maximum extension accepted for each file is 4Mb.

Are there any templates available for the CV and Motivation Letter? Can I use my own format?

    Yes, there are templates available for the Curriculum Vitae (Europass) and the Motivation Letter. The Academic Records and Proof of English Level can be uploaded in any format as long as they are .pdf files with a maximum size of 4Mb.

Is it possible to submit an application if one of the supporting documents is missing?

    Yes. The system does allow you to submit your application even if not all the required documents are uploaded. This is because some applicants are exempt from including some documents (i.e. Proof of English Level). However, if you are not exempt from including this document and you fail to upload it (or any other documents) you will be considered ineligible during the eligibility check.

Can I submit the supporting documents by email or as a hard copy by post?

    No. The required documentation must be included in the online application. Failure to do so will result in your application being considered ineligible.

A screenshot of my academic records taken on the University's intranet is a valid form of accreditation?

    No. Only official certificates and transcripts of records will be accepted to validate your application. You may have completed the studies that qualify you to be eligible for this programme, but you have not yet received the official certificate. In this case, the transcript of records (if they contain enough information to prove that you have completed the education) or an official letter from your University is sufficient.

Do I need an official translation of my academic records?

    No, if the documents uploaded to the Application Form were issued in a language other than English, you need to include a translation, which can be done by the candidate.

Selection process

When I will be contacted regarding my application?

    You may be contacted several times during the process. After submission of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email. A few days later, we will contact you again regarding your eligibility status. Candidates going through the Evaluation of Merits will receive an email about whether they were shortlisted for an interview. All eligible candidates will get an Evaluation Summary Report (ESR).

What is the purpose of the interview?

    As stated in the Guide for Applicants, the use of the interview is to get additional information and insights on the academic merits of the candidates, their motivations and suitability to the programme, and the impact that the programme may have on their future career prospects. Also, it will be used to verify the accreditation of the English level.

Are the interviews carried out on-site or remotely?

    All shortlisted candidates will be interviewed remotely.

Can I submit additional documents during the interview?

    No. Only documents submitted with the online application will be taken into account.

Is it possible to know who has evaluated my application?

    No. The list of experts will remain confidential throughout the process, and any contact between the experts and the applicants will be prohibited. Read the Guide for Evaluators to learn more about the process. 


What happens if I am selected for one of the fellowships?

    Applicants ranking in the first 13 positions in each Call will be offered a contract based on their choice of research projects. The applicants will make their final selection of the research projects by ranking position. If a candidate selects a project already taken by another one higher in the ranking, they will have to change their selection until all the fellowships offered are covered.

Is there any timeline to accept the fellowship?

    Yes. After the selection of the research project, successful candidates will be asked to sign an Acceptance Letter within 2 weeks to secure their fellowship. When it is signed, the candidates will be invited by email to start negotiating the terms of the contract.

If I am on the Reserve List, do I have any chance of being offered a fellowship?

     Yes. If one of the selected candidates rejects the fellowship for any reason, the position will be offered to the first candidate on the Reserve List, and so on.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

     DocFam+ Management Team has created a dedicated Helpdesk Service to support candidates throughout the programme.