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DOC-FAM offers an attractive institutional environment. The location of ICMAB and the partner organisations in the Bellaterra Campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) represents the perfect setting for the recruited fellows to carry out their PhD. Although relatively young, UAB is currently the best University in Spain and one of the best in Europe according to international rankings; since 2009 the campus has been recognised as a Campus of International Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Sphere UAB-CIE). The UAB doctoral programme include a total of 79 PhD programmes (27 of them with Excellence mention) and 1000 PhD theses defended each academic year for a total of around 4.000 PhD students

Several of the participating organisations (including the beneficiary CSIC and by extension ICMAB) are part of Bnc-b (Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra), a scientific and industrially oriented virtual entity, grouping the capabilities and expertises in nanoscience and technology of several research centres from the area. Bnc-b is integrated in the framework of the UAB Research Park (PRUAB), a non-profit organization created in 2007 by CSIC, UAB and the Institute of Research and Technology (IRTA), whose aim is the promotion and enhancement of technology and knowledge transfer activities of its members, encouraging entrepreneurship through the creation of new businesses based on research and generally facilitate interaction between research, business and society. PRUAB will participate in the programme as partner organisation and will be involved in the support and organisation of training activities aimed to enhance non-research oriented skills for the recruited fellows.

The participation of ALBA CELLS Synchrotron lightsource in the doctoral programme is also a strong point for DOC-FAM. The Alba Synchrotron light source is the most unique and important scientific facility in southwestern Europe. Alba is currently one of the key centres forming part of the UAB Campus of International Excellence, and a unique asset for this doctoral programme. ALBA CELLS participates as partner organisation in DOC-FAM, cofunding the recruitment of two fellows during the duration of the programme. They will be also involved in the different training activities that will take place during the programme. 

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