Marta Kubovics

Title of the project: Preparation of Graphene oxide composite nanoporous materials using supercritical CO2 technology

Supervisors and Host institution: Dr. Ana M. López-Periago and Prof. Concepción Domingo at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)

The general aim of this project is the preparation and processing of meso/nanostructured porous materials using supercritical carbon-dioxide technology. In particular the main focus is on preparing and characterizing graphene-oxide-metal nanoparticle composite aerogels as solid-state platforms, especially for catalytic applications.

“Being part of the MSCA and DOC-FAM is a great honour, which allows me getting to know the vision of people coming from different scientific and cultural backgrounds.”

I am from Hungary, from the close area of the capital city, Budapest. I finished both my Bachelor and Master studies in chemical process engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Before arriving to Barcelona, I was working for a short period in the field of chemical process designing in a Hungarian company. During my doctoral studies, I would like to gain extended knowledge in the field of advanced materials and their possible applications. Having the opportunity to acquire skills in both scientific and engineering fields through the beginning of my career opens new possibilities and broader perspective for the future. 

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