VSRK Tandava

Title of the project: Advanced catalyst materials and systems for electroconversion of CO2.

Supervisor and host institution: Prof. Joan Ramon Morante and Dr. Sebastián Murcia at Institute of Research in Energy of Catalonia (IREC).

"Thanks to DOC-FAM and MSCA. I learn interdisciplinary scientific research in a multidiciplinar community."

Circular economy of CO2 is nowadays a hot issue for our society. Electrochemical CO2 reduction (CO2R) is one of several promising strategies to mitigate CO2 emissions. Therefore, Developing Advanced Novel Functional Nanostructured Catalyst Materials and Systems for Electro conversion of CO2 to alternative fuels or value-added products in order to meet the global energy needs and so as a mean to curb the increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere is of utmost importance. The urge to find Nanocatalyst materials for effective the electrocatalytic reduction process of CO2 toward wanted products as well as the complementary oxidation reactions taking place in the anode constitute the basic key points of the present research. 

I am from Hyderabad, India graduated with Masters in Analytical Chemistry. Using the time in my Ph.D., I will try learning and get expertise in various aspects pertaining to my research in Material Science and find an independent position in science. This journey is quite interesting as I attend my lab with an everyday challenge which in turn helps me in understanding the subject in depth. I can confidently say that this is a challenging role and I like to take these in every day of my life. 

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